Echo the Now – Anet van de Elzen

Echo the Now. A cinematic interpretation of the performances of visual artist Anet van de Elzen.

She builds an associative story about beginning and end, continuity and break, youth and old age.

Echo the Now also features a photographic presentation of the works of the artist.

Over the years, she has captured the image of herself in photos related to her performances.

Echo the Now

The exhibition was opened by British artist Brian Catling.

Artist’s website

DITS 1 // 21 September to 29 October 2017

For our opening show at our new location, we presented a group exhibition by talented European artists. They each represent a part of our artistic vision.

The group consisted of the talents of Margriet van Breevoort, Quentin Carnaille, Inge van Genuchten, and Mathias Tang.

DITS Performance Store

Gallery DITS was previously known as DITS Performance Store. In the middle of the Red Light District,  founder Annelot Dits-Wallace organised performances and performative art projects