Quentin Carnaille

Quentin Carnaille

Born 31 years ago in Roubaix, Quentin Carnaille has quickly become a force in the art scene in the north of France. Formerly an architecture student, Carnaille has always been fascinated by how things function. His earliest works were influenced by clockwork mechanisms, which he diverted from their primary use to create jewellery and accessories. He would soon move on to making sculptures and larger works with the same aesthetic and inspiration.
Contemporaneity and futuristic ideas have formed Carnaille’s work, with him building on his initial focus on mankind’s past and origins.


Connection (2017) takes Carnaille’s investigation into mankind a step further. Two cubes freed from their original configuration are the conceptual representation of two open minds.

The cubes have a singular form yet a distinctive feature connects them. One of the sides has carefully been placed to create a connection between two observers located in front of it. Linked to a human body, each spirit activates the piece upon entering its field. The four spirits together give form to a connected system.

Connection interrogates the idea of a sixth sense. The one that links us to others beyond the five senses. A spiritual sense of coexistence, empathy, and of a collective consciousness.

Quentin Carnaille
Connection, 2017. Steel and mirrors, Spirit 1: 80cmx50cmx15cmSpirit 2: 60cmx50cmx30cmEdition: 12


Anonymity (2017) is a photographic series, reminiscent of Carnaille’s performance in 2017. Situated in an urban space, a person without identity is fixated. The cube covering his face represents a constraint spirit. The mirror evokes the mind construction, as an echo of his environment.

These works reflect the difficulty of expressing singularity in a uniform architectural context. Each photograph in the series questions the role of diversity and culture and the need of differentiation for every human.

Currently, Carnaille plays an important part in a large cultural heritage project in the city of Lille.

Anonimity #4. Pigment print on fine art paper, 45cmx45cm, (left part of a diptych).Edition: 12.
Quentin Carnaille
Anonimity #4. Pigment print on fine art paper, 45cmx45cm, (right half of a diptych).Edition: 12.


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