Mathias Tang

Mathias Tang was born 27 years ago in Denmark. He graduated at the Rietveld Academie last summer. Tang was one of the artists Dutch newspaper NRC highlighted in a series about emerging talents of 2017. The artist divides his time between Amsterdam and Berlin.

2017: selected for new Dutch photography talent 2018
2016: nominated for the European photography prize 2016

Recent work

Falling (2017) is a series that has its origin in the field of Machine Learning. Throughout the past 10 years, researchers have been developing algorithms to autonomously understand objects, movements, and bodies. The algorithms analyze massive datasets from situations where actors perform certain tasks or interactions in order to generate material for further analysis. Noteworthy, many of the datasets have a clear resemblance to early performance work from the 60-70’s with the body as the main focus point.

Falling is an attempt to generate image material within the language of machine learning. From setting up a system with very basic physical restraints (the rope), this system allows itself to capture the falling body systematically and avoid any conflicts within the act of consciously “trying” to fall, while this act is clearly against the nature of the human mind.

Most of the situations in datasets are focus on actions of a more aggressive nature, such as boxing, or running. They are used for purposes of surveillance and crime prevention. Generating imagery of a fall is an attempt to take another stance.

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