Inge van Genuchten

Inge van Genuchten

Dutch artist Inge van Genuchten (1988) was part of the honors program at the Rietveld Academie (jewellery). She recently moved to London where she was accepted for a master at the prestigious Royal College of Arts.

Recent work

Van Genuchten’s recent originated work focuses on the relationship between horizontal and the vertical dimensions. Two lines which meet at the right angle, delineating the space in which the body moves. In between, the human body finds itself in a constant movement of falling, a fluctuating process of the equilibrium.

In the process of exploring the vulnerable stability of the equilibrium, Van Genuchten uses her own body as a tool to get a better understanding of what manifests itself in the relation. Approaching the border of the spectrum by challenging the body and exposing the moment of encounter with the perpendicular line. When a drop of liquid falls, it is affected by the phenomenon of gravity. The course of falling becomes visible in its rhythmic continues motion. This motion invites the eyes to focus and influences the position of the head vertically or horizontally. Subsequently, it will spatially stabilize the body.

Van Genuchten is fascinated by the point where two systems or subjects meet and interact. She bases her practice on the inter-relation of the human body with either the other individual or an object or its surroundings. Basically, on the way in which two or more objects or humans connect, or affect each other. With a particular focus on the encounter as such and the boundaries between these entities. A fluctuating process that modulates and changes over time.

Van Genuchten’s work is the result of a fascination by the possibility of merging, collision and coexisting. These specific phenomena draw the artist’s curiosity.

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