Anet van de Elzen

Anet van de Elzen

Biography Anet van de Elzen

Opening Words by Emeritus Professor Brian Catling, RA.

Current exhibition

Echo the Now. A cinematic interpretation of the performances of visual artist Anet van de Elzen.

She builds an associative story about beginning and end, continuity and break, youth and old age.

Echo the Now also features a photographic presentation of the works of the artist.

Over the years, she has captured the image of herself in photos related to her performances.

Echo the Now
Available for viewing by appointment until the end of January

On 3 November, the exhibition was opened by Emeritus Professor Brian Catling of the University of Oxford.
Click here to read the opening words of Brian Catling.

The exhibition holds a number of photographic works, of which thumbnails are on view below.

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Trailer film Echo the Now